Zoran Anđelić

Zoran Anđelić

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In order to get to know Durmitor by bike or by car, the 33 km long “Ring” around Žabljak is an inevitable attraction and the route goes as follows: Žabljak - Njegovuđa - Riblje and Vražje Lakes - Žabljak. On this route, over the once forested Jezerska Plateau (1450 masl), you can experience three completely different landscapes. Riblje and Vražje Lakes are especially worth ones attention, as they were the inspiration for numerous legends about fairies and winged horses, and also worth attention are the two necropolises of medieval tombstones. These two necropolises of Stećci, which can be found in the village of Novakovići, have recently been listed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The medieval tombstones Stećci represent true medieval picture-books in stone, with reliefs which show religious symbols, human faces, animals and plant ornaments. 

The “Ring” around Žabljak also passes by the village of Vrela, where it turns on a gravel road towards Pirlitor (3.2 km), and there you can find a thematic trail about this medieval fortress with a fantastic viewpoint over the Tara River.

On the above mentioned circular route, in the place called Njegovuđa, lives the Anđelić family. The host Zoran is known as a craftsman whose skilled hands can turn wood into everything he wants. You can see this for yourself if you stay in his home or sleep in one of the nine handmade bungalows with the capacity of up to two persons. The household is diligently working on preparing a national restaurant in an authentic style. For true gourmets, on the menu are traditional dishes of the Durmitor area prepared with local products such as cicvara, kačamak, etc. The restaurant, tucked away in natural forest shade, will be enriched with an ethnographic collection of tools from everyday life from the past and an exhibition area where you will be able to see works of art of the academic sculptor and painter from Žabljak, Mr. Mićo Blagojević.

When it comes to recreation, terrains for volleyball on sand, basketball, soccer and tennis are available, while there is a playground for the youngest guests.

In Njegovuđa, every year the July 13th Gathering, which has more than a century long tradition, is organised. During the fair, the bravest and the most skillfull people try themselves in old sports skills such as throwing a rock from the shoulder, long jump, pulling the rope and horse racing. The fair gathers a couple of thousand of visitors, both tourists and locals from all parts of Durmitor.


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