Agricultural farm Karadžić

Agricultural farm Karadžić

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Medicinal herbs have been used in traditional medicine since ancient times. In the Middle Ages, one of the family members would usually “heal“ simple health problems, while every community had its specialists who had experience with complex health issues, such as dentists, herbalists and experts for fractures. Thanks to inherited knowledge and development of modern medicine, herbs are today used as the basis for many modern medicines, and medicinal herb treatments are still much appreciated.

In the area of Durmitor, at an altitude of more than 1700 masl, different medicinal herbs grow, which help in improving and maintaining health. Thanks to the mountainous, clean and unpolluted environment, the herbs have a strong concentration of healing properties.

In the village of Kovčica, 7 km from Žabljak town centre (turn off by Restaurant “Izvor”), is the agricultural farm of the Karadžić family. The family lives in this village from June until November every year, and they primarily produce and process medicinal herbs. The host and herbalist Zlatko will be at your disposal to answer all questions for example about the calendar of collecting herbs, their healing properties and use in traditional medicine. If you make an announce in advance, he will gladly take you on a thematic tour with a short course on collecting medicinal herbs, making different tinctures, drops, oils etc.

Near the asphalt road there is a wooden object “The House of Durmitor Tea” with benches in the open air where with a mountain breakfast you can taste some of the recommended teas and homemade juices (for example mint) and enjoy the enchanting view of the eastern side of Durmitor.

This family also owns the company for healthy food “Mrvica”, where you can find different cereals and products from cereal, numerous oils, forest fruits, honey products, soya, different tinctures and oils as well as spices...

In his free time, Zlatko is dedicated to wood out of which he makes crafts products and souvenirs.


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