The Bell inn

The Bell inn

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In the Middle Ages, our region offered different kinds of drinks: milk, beer, wine and mead (medovina). People mostly drank milk and beer and as domestic products they were reserved for ordinary people.

Wine was brought form the Coast, red wine more than white wine, which was mostly served at court and drank by nobility. It was transported in goat skins and in special barrels and kept in “ice places” – in cellars full of barrels and large containers made of clay. It was also used as a cure for treatment of cough in which figs were put.

However, the favourite was mead, especially in mountainous areas where there was no wine. Mead is honey wine, which, besides honey brandy (medovača), is probably one of the oldest alcoholic beverages consumed by man. Ever since the time of the Vikings, Mayas and ancient Egyptians, people enjoyed this drink of the gods believing that they would become immortal and healthier. As a natural antibiotic that destroys bacteria, mead was given to soldiers, who put it on wounds to heal faster, in the ancient times.

In the street that leads to the Piva Lake, tucked away in greenery, unobtrusive and quiet but warm and cordial, for twenty years exists the inn called “Zvono” (The Bell). It is known for its good exhibitions, rock and jazz concerts in the summer evenings, but also for its domestic mead. Do not forget to ask Rade or Vlatko how this elixir for a longer and healthier life is produced.

“Zvono” is a resting place for all generations, but also the starting point for lovers and explorers of nature and tradition. It is not easy to choose between: lake cruising, swimming, recreational hiking, rafting, fishing or exploring necropolises of the medieval tombstones Stećci through the former Piva Parish. There are also camping in the canyon, resting and refreshments in a cave that can only be reached by water, villages and katuns, springs...

At the “Zvono” they think of every detail. With a special sense for beauty, they will offer you an experience, both in the restaurant and on the trips, of which you have dreamt. You will be reminded that from time to time you need to stop and enjoy life without rush and noise. Life is simple and beautiful like a trout in Piva and healthy and sweet like medovina.


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