Ivan Đukanović

Ivan Đukanović

homemade products tasting; accommodation

Hospitality, quality homemade products, interesting stories and a nice ambience are a recommendation for visiting the Đukanović household. It is situated on the Krnovo Plateau, around 30 kilometres northeast from Nikšić, when coming either from Jasenovo Polje or Ivanj.  

In the Middle Ages, Krnovo was crossed by a caravan road called Via Jezera (Jezerski road) or Via Anagasti (Nikšićki road). It led from Dubrovnik, through Trebinje to Nikšić, and then through Šavnik and over the Jezerska Plateau to the Tara River and further, through Pljevlja, towards Serbia or Bosnia. Today, instead of caravans with horses and cargo, lovers of cultural heritage pass over Krnovo, as well as explorers of attractive landscapes on two wheels, who follow the route of Top Cycling Trail 4 – Endless Landscapes 


Ivan Đukanović is a young entrepreneur dedicated to drying meat for the needs of his family and as a service. In the village of Lukovo, by following signalisation you will come upon an adapted object of a larger capacity where Ivan spends most of his time. Traditionally, in clean mountain air with very little smoke made by burning beech wood, ham, sausages, bacon and loin, mainly from pork and beef meat, are dried. For a complete home atmosphere, the host will serve homemade bread and vegetables from his garden.

Driving along asphalt road through the picturesque landscape of Krnovo, which is dominated by mild elevations, only 2 kilometres from the dryer, you will reach the rest of the Đukanović family household. They are engaged in cattle breeding and preparing dairy products as well as in the production of mountain honey. With some luck, during May and June (sometimes even later), Ivan's hard-working bees will arrange a real attraction for you – so-called swarming. It is a process of reproduction during which part of the bees are separated with the queen, which increases the number of bee communities. With an announcement made in advance, the kind hosts will, nurturing tradition, present traditional dishes typical for this region. Here you can enjoy the delicious bites of many dishes such as: various pies with homemade sour milk, kačamak, roasted meat, numerous salads as well as grilled vegetables from the garden, cheese and milk and desserts such as homemade ice cream. Of course, it should be mentioned that all their products are homemade and that everything prepared is made with domestic products of this household.

For guests who want to spend the night here after a day spent in searching for medicinal herbs or forest strawberries, beside accommodation in rooms, our hosts recommend staying in a hut covered with straw that reminds us of the old times. They say it is the best place to rest along with homemade compote and forest strawberry juice chilled in a natural fridge “sniježnica” – a protected natural hollow where snow is kept throughout the year.


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