Zoran Krejović

Zoran Krejović

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Fourteen km from Žabljak, below the peak with the same name (1450 masl) are the remains of the medieval town of Pirlitor, for which it is believed to date from the 14th century. The Bosnian nobleman Sandalj Hranić built the town in an extraordinary place from where you can see and hear far away – on the northern edge of Jezerska Plateau and high above the river Tara canyon. It was an important centre on the caravan road Via Anagasti i.e. Via Jezera, which led from the Coast through Pljevlja to Bosnia and Serbia. 

Pirlitor also hides other locally famous stories. From generation to generation, people sang and told stories that Pirlitor Fortress was Momčilo's Town – the tower of Duke Momčilo below which, allegedly, he blocked the caravan road with thick iron chains and charged passage. 

He was a historical figure whose deeds have been celebrated in folk songs for centuries. He is described as a giant, a warrior who charges in a gallop, determined to be free and independent.

You can visit that place, sacred for the locals, with Zoran Krejović, an expert on local history and legends, as well as on the fauna around Pirlitor. Zoran will gladly show you the place on the Tara River, where caravans crossed the water and where passage was charged, from the viewpoint of the thematic trail for visiting Pirlitor. Do not miss to ask Zoran about Duke Momčilo’s unfaithful wife, his sword with eyes and horse Jabučilo, about which you can hear many local legends. Zoran will not forget to bring binoculars to show you the skilful chamois, which are frequent guests of the surrounding cliffs.

The Krejović family lives in the village of Borje, which is only a couple of hundred meters from the turnoff from the main road towards Pirlitor. Camping lovers are welcome in their spacious green yard. What you need to taste is domestic dried meat and cheese, and especially homemade Trappist for which the housewife is well-known.  


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