Restaurant Old house

Restaurant Old house

tasting local specialties

Klinci Village is tucked among olive groves and orchards in the inner part of Luštica Peninsula. If you are imagining a vacation away from city noise, in a tranquil and rural setting in which spirits of old times intertwine with a healthy dose of modern lifestyle, and where service is subordinated to the needs of guests – Klinci Village Resort is the right choice for you
Klinci Village Resort consists of a group of stone houses that are hundreds of years old, which were gradually restored and converted into comfortable apartments that offer a breath-taking view over surrounding olive groves, churches and the open sea in the distance, i.e. cape and fortress of Prevlaka, the proud guardians of the entrance to the Boka Bay.

The everyday offer includes specialties made from local lamb and veil meat, which is bought in the surrounding villages and is prepared in a traditional way – spit-roasted or roasted under the bell. A particular specialty prepared on request is goat meat and zaporci (a dish made from lamb leg). Meat prepared under the bell on ember is actually half – roasted and half – cooked in its own juices.

The bell comprises of a round earthenware or metal dish which is filled with ingredients and is put on ember. Then it is covered by the upper part (the bell) that is covered with ember, so the food is roasted from both the bottom and upper side. The bell has a ring around it that holds the ember. Roasting dishes in open fire, in addition to giving a specific flavour to food, is also related to the ancient custom of gathering family and friends around the fireplace.

The restaurant owner, Mr. Ranko Jelušić, is very keen to have the offer of his restaurant based on local products that come from the neighbouring villages, so is the case with meat, ham, cheese, trout, honey, potatoes and vegetables, mountain tea, homemade wine and brandy. Fresh homemade sour milk, corn bread, donuts, pies, as well as homemade cakes and cookies are prepared in the restaurant kitchen every day.

Enjoying savoury roasted meat is best with homemade bread, wine and brandy as an aperitif. Therefore, most important are fresh meat, good ember and good company.


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