Kovačević household

Kovačević household

Visiting botanical garden - arboretum

The Serdar of Grahovo, bearer and noble captain of King Nikola Petrović (1841-1921) was born in this remarkable house. Many of his descendants participated in the National Liberation Battle (NOB) during World War II. Of eight men from the house, four survived the war. The three youngest brothers were proclaimed national heroes.


Today a natural monument – the arboretum attracts many visitors. By following the signalisation through the small town of Grahovo, you will reach a green oasis in the hamlet called Čelina. It was created on the rim of a karst Grahovo field, surrounded by the family house, with lots of energy and love by Vojo Kovačević (1912-1997).

This nature lover, especially in love with his homeland, spent nearly 40 years creating this unusual park which is open for all visitors. With much patience, he collected exotic and native plant species that have found place in an area of about one hectare. This unique “live collection“ is a representative object of garden architecture and has about 130 tree species, conifers and deciduous, shrubs and climbers. The specificity of this botanical fund comprises of 90 allochthonous (foreign) species that had not been recorded in Montenegro or have been identified in a small number. Particularly interesting are a giant sequoia, marsh taksodium, gingko biloba, sweetgum, libocedrus... Visitors will be guided through the park with a series of explanations about this unique collection, as well as the history of creation of the arboretum, which is under state protection.


Vojo's grandson, Vuk Kovačević, together with his father takes care of the valuable family heritage. He dedicated his life to Grahovo and started the production of herbs and salads


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